Air Force® Blaster® CarDryers

Now you can effortlessly dry an entire car in minutes without leaving micro scratches or water spots! Air Force® Blaster® car dryers use warm, dry, filtered air to safely blast water off expensive finishes and out of hard-to-reach places where no towel or chamois could ever reach. Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, etc.

The Air Force® Master Blaster® features two twin-fan, 4.0 Peak Horse-power motors capable of delivering up to 58,000 feet-per-minute of clean, dry, warm, filtered air! Each motor is controlled by a separate switch that allows you to select from three different airflow and temperature levels up to 60º above ambient.

  • Touchless drying with no afterstreakingTM
  • Does not remove wax
  • Cuts drying time by up to 80%
  • Prevents rust and eliminates water spots
  • Better/safer than compressed air or leaf blowers
  • Safe for expensive paint and chrome
  • Rugged all-steel construction built to last
  • Three Blaster® models to fit any budget

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